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Many people have been asking about the Tree Memorial that we have set up for Justine.  Below are the details, and attached is a link to a brochure about the Tree Memorial Program.  Hopefully this will answer all of your questions.


Information on the Tree Memorial for Justine Fowler

We have chosen a lovely spot located at the far northeast end of Menominee Park. The location can be described as Ames Point/Oaks Trail which is near the intersection of Hickory and Menominee Drive. There is a walking path here that winds around the Menominee Park Bay and it is a beautiful area where we would like to create a living tree memorial to Justine.  It is a quiet place with beautiful views and many trees in bloom this time of year.  We would like to place a bench for reflection among the trees we plant, that will face toward the direction of the farm.  It provides a beautiful view of the lake, and also a beautiful view of the walking path -that is reminiscent of the point road leading from the farm to the cottage - a road that our family and friends have traveled so often.  A quiet place of beauty that will remain forever in memory of Justine.     

The cost is approximately $200/tree (the range is from $150-$250 depending on the type of tree selected - see brochure).   

Included with each tree planting is a 9" x 12" x 2" marker which will be placed in the ground near the tree.  The inscription on the marker will indicate the tree species name, and can include up to 3 additional lines, including the name of the donor.  For example

American Linden

In Memory of

Justine Fowler - 2006

By the Albert R. George Family

Contributions of any amount may be sent. Individual contributions of $10/$25/$50/etc., will be grouped together with other friends or family members for one tree. Other contributions for the entire amount of a tree may include the name of the individual contributor on the marker, however if you do not wish to be named that request will be honored.

For questions about the Tree Memorial program, you may contact Bill Sturm from the City of Oshkosh Dept of Forestry, 920-379-3587.

Memorial contributions may be sent to the family or to the funeral home.

Justine Fowler Memorial

6170 U.S. Hwy 45 South

Oshkosh WI  54902



Konrad-Behlman Funeral Homes

100 Lake Pointe Dr.,

Oshkosh, WI 54904




BWWA Home Page Justine Tree Memorial Tree Memorial Brochure Family Pictures


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