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 Membership Guidelines



Black Wolf Wildlife Association covers 800 acres of upland game habitat and farmland in the Town of Black Wolf, near Black Wolf Point, along Hwy 45, Howlett Road, and Koelpin Road. The Game Farm License Number for the state of Wisconsin is DNR9798 and 9156, covering 800 acres of pheasant, quail, squirrel and partridge.  Hunting for other game falls under state regulations, i.e., ducks, deer, and turkeys.


Membership is open to a limited group of members and families (spouses and children) interested in improving wildlife cover, hunting, fishing,  dog field training, walking, hiking, trapping, photography, trap shooting, wood harvesting, and any other environmental pursuit.  As a condition of membership, these members will work on and for the land to accomplish these ends, as well as enjoy Association property 365 days a year, subject to Association rules.  At 18 years of age, members children require their own membership.  New member prospects must be by recommendation of a current member and have an excellent conservation record with the State of Wisconsin.  A youth membership is available at age 14-17.  The gun safety course is a prerequisite for this youth category. 

Member Identification

New members receive an Association hat, a vehicle identification decal, and an annual Black Wolf Wildlife Association button to be worn on their hat when hunting.  All members receive a new button (numbered & colored) each year when they pay their annual dues.  These identification items need to be displayed when on Black Wolf Wildlife Association property.  The vehicle identification should be placed on the left side of the vehicle. 


Guests are welcome any time, except during deer hunting season.  Guests must be accompanied by the member and are subject to the Association rules regarding guests.  Guest may hunt a maximum of two times per year, unless they are the children of the member.  Members must pay a guest fee of $10 per guest.

Dues/Initiation/Membership Fees

Each family pays annual dues.  After the member turns 65, and has been with the Association for ten (10) years, the dues are reduced to one-half the annual fee.  The membership year starts April 1 of each year with the membership fees being due at that time.

An initiation fee is charged the first year of membership and the amount is double the cost of the annual dues.  A member pays only one initiation fee in a lifetime.  A non-hunting membership is one half the cost of a regular membership.  Member's children will not pay the initiation fee if they join prior to 21 years of age. 

Wood Harvesting

Members may harvest wood for their own use at no charge.  One-third of the wood cut should be kept for the Association  and should be left by the base of the tree.  Please see me on which trees prior to cutting.


Members hunt pheasant, partridge, chuckar, pigeon, rabbit, squirrel, and deer (bow and gun) within seasons rules specified by the Association and the State of Wisconsin.

All deer stands and duck blinds will show the member's name or the name of the B.W.W.A. on the stand/blind and will be for use by all members when not in use by the owner of the stand/blind.  All deer stands will be portable, using no nails.  Owls and hawks can not be shot.  Foxes and coyotes may be shot if you will use/sell the pelt.  Special pigeon hunts will be held once each year. 

Special Hunts

Private parties will be allowed to hunt by reservation, and only in designated areas, at a nominal price per bird. 


Members can use private channels and ponds as well as other public waters located on or adjacent to the property.  Our Van Dyne Creek Pond has been stocked and has good fishing for pan fish.

Work Requirements

Several times during the year there will be work sessions that you are encouraged to attend.  Also, we have a lot of projects for those that wish to work on their own.  A listing of projects will be sent out each year.


Several meetings are held each year.  The fall meeting is held at our cottage, and the winter/spring meeting is held in February at George's Gaslight Inn.  A newsletter will be sent out 3-4 times a year with updated information on the Associations activities. 

Pheasant Hunting

Please be sure to follow the guidelines listed below:

1.  Blaze orange needs to be worn on your hat or vest on release weekends. 

2.  Pheasant tags cannot be carried over from prior years.

3.  There will be three releases each year.  The birds will be released the Thursday evening prior to these dates, so please do not hunt immediately prior to any release. 

4.  There will be a three bird minimum release for each period.

5.  Each member must state the hunting period he wants to hunt, and his birds will be released in that period.  You will not be allowed to hunt if you have not purchased birds for that period.  This will not effect senior members (over 65), for they can hunt in any period as long as they have tags. 

6.  On the Saturday or Sunday of each release, starting time will be 9 a.m..

7.  There will be no shooting of hens.  However, if one is shot in error or if your dogs pick one up, tag the hen and mark it on our list. 

8.  It is a B.W.W.A. policy that all birds shot will be tagged immediately with DNR tags.  Anyone carrying birds without a tag could cause problems with the DNR, and would be subject to very heavy fines from a warden. 

Duck Hunting

The BWWA duck blind on Lake Winnebago is by reservation only.  A boat is also available for your use.

Special Releases

Members may bring guests when they have a special release (minimum of 6 birds).

Trap Shooting

A special trap is available on the Van Dyne Creek road.  This area may be used for practice at any time for no charge. 

Sporting Clays

This course will be kept locked and use will be by only those members that have received training. There is no charge for the use of this course for members.  Non-members should make a contribution to BWWA.


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