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Black Wolf Point Farm Covenants

The parcels at Black Wolf Point Farm will be dedicated for use as single family, residential home sites, and will feature homes in harmony with the rural setting, emphasizing the natural beauty of the area, but fostering individuality for each home site and owner.

Listed below are covenants to promote the success of this vision.  These controls and restrictions are ongoing and included on each deed.

Article I - Architectural Control

There is an architectural review committee (ARC).  The members of this committee are Bob and Janet Dahl.  Its sole purpose is to ensure BWPF property owners of the continued integrity of their property and surroundings.  A minimum of 30 days prior to commencement of construction of any dwelling on any lot, one copy of the plans, specifications, and plot plan showing the proposed location of the buildings shall be submitted to the ARC.  The approval or disapproval shall be a document in writing, which will be recorded.

Article II - General Restrictions 

Section 1 - Land Use

Single Family Residential

Section 2 - Quality of Structures

All structures shall be of a quality design, workmanship, and materials, which are compatible and harmonious with the natural setting of the area. 

Section 3 - Location of Building on a Lot

Building setback lines shall be shown on the recorded Certified Survey Maps.  Homes will be setback a minimum of 200 feet (minimum) from the front of the property.   We recommend that driveways be curved.

Sewage disposal will be by individual septic systems or other approved methods.  Installation of such systems will be the responsibility of the lot owner and the lot owner will pay the cost. 

Section 4 - Building Type and Size

The square foot floor area of the primary residence shall be a minimum of 1750 square feet for one story homes and a minimum of 2400 square feet for two story homes, exclusive of open porches, carports, breezeways, and garages. 

Residences shall not exceed two stories in height with a maximum height allowance of 34 feet (measured from the level of the adjacent land or foundation).  The roof pitch minimum shall be 6/12.

Each residence shall have an attached garage with a minimum size of two cars.  The garage shall not be constructed prior to construction of the dwelling.  The garage will open to the side of the home, facing away from the road.

Section 5 - Exterior Siding Materials and Colors

Homes shall be designed in a manner, which is aesthetically complimentary to the environment, including building lines, materials, and colors of all exterior components.  Natural colors are encouraged to blend with nature.

Section 6 - Accessory Building

An accessory building may be constructed as a private garage or storage area.  The maximum size of this building may be 2400 square feet, but may not exceed the area of the ground floor level of the house.  The accessory building may have a maximum height of 24 feet, but may not exceed the height of the house. 

This accessory building exterior shall blend into the overall building and landscape plan, and shall be subject to ARC approval.

Section 7 - Landscaping and Tree Planting

Landscaping and tree planting is encouraged.  The use of native plant material is encouraged.  Maple, Oak, Ash, Locust, Crab, White Cedar, and White Spruce are highly recommended for this area.  

Section 8 - Lot Appearance

Machinery and vehicles of any kind must be garaged.  Outside storage or extended parking is not permitted.  Litter, refuse, garbage, and other unsightly materials shall be in receptacles and properly screened by use of fencing, or stored inside buildings.

Section 9 - Fences

Fences or screens should be used to hide air conditioning equipment, utility and garbage areas, and to screen patio and swimming pool areas.  The use of rough-hewn woods or natural plantings as fencing or screening materials is encouraged.  As with all elements, the fence shall enhance, rather than detract from, the overall appearance of the property.

Section 10 - Water Areas

Gas or electric powered boat motors will not be allowed on ponds or creeks.

Section 11 - Signage

The general contractor may erect a sign while construction is active.  This sign shall not exceed 20 x 40 inches in diameter.  The sign must be removed immediately upon completion of the construction.

Section 12 - Commercial Enterprise

Said real property shall only be zoned and used for residential purposes.  No piece of BWPF property may be rezoned for any purpose other than single family residential or agricultural (A-2).

Section 13 - Vehicles

No commercial type vehicles and/or machinery shall be parked outside except when loading and unloading. 

No commercial vehicle, boat, camper, trailer, or recreation vehicle shall be parked on any lot unless garaged.

Section 14 - Building Completion

Within one year after the start date of construction of any dwelling, the exterior of the dwelling, and the grading and leveling of the yard surrounding the dwelling, shall be completed.

Section 15 - Temporary Dwelling

No person may live in the basement of a dwelling unless the exterior portion of the dwelling above the ground has been completed in accordance with the plans and specifications.  No person shall live in temporary buildings, outbuildings, or a garage, at any time.  No garage or other structure previously constructed on another site, including a mobile home, shall be moved onto said property at anytime.

Section 16 - Lot Dividing

There will be no division of any original BWPF parcels for the purpose of creating new or separate lots.  This restriction supercedes township ordinance allowances for smaller lots.

Section 17 - Deviations From Covenants and Restrictions

The ARC shall have the power to enter into agreements with the owner of any lot, without the consent of the owner of any other adjoining or adjacent properties of Black Wolf Point Farm, to deviate from the provisions of the covenant restrictions within the jurisdiction of the ARC.  Any such agreement would be for reasons of practical difficulty or particular hardship which otherwise may be suffered by such owner not of their own makings.  Any such deviation, which shall begin by written agreement, shall not constitute a waiver of any such covenant as to other lots in the properties.

Section 18 - Enforceability

These protective covenants are made for the benefit of any and all persons who now own said real property at Black Wolf Point Farm, or who may hereinafter-own portions thereof, and such persons, including all owners, are specifically given the right to enforce these covenants by injunction or other lawful procedures, or to recover any damages resulting from the violation of these covenants.


These covenants will be included and registered on all deeds.


 **Covenants updated 10-01-01 and subject to change by the ARC at any time.



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